Insurance Commission

The purpose of the Insurance Commission shall be to ensure accurate insurance coverage and protection for the Navajo Nation government its political subdivisions, enterprises, assets, property and employees. (2.N.N.C. § § 931, et seq.)

Insurance Commission Meetings

The Navajo Nation Insurance Commision convenes on the 1st Friday of each calendar month. Locations and times vary and are available upon request. Commission meetings consist of monthly regular meetings in addition to Special Sessions and Emergency Sessions that may be called at any time between each regular session. For more information, please contact the Navajo Nation Insurance Services Department @ (928) 871-6461.

Bernadette Benally,
NNIC Chairperson
Raymond Smith,
NNIC Vice-Chairman
I. Harlan Charley,
NNIC Member
Linda Youvella,
NNIC Member
Olivia Benally
Enterprise Alternate Rep.
Linda Bitsoi,
Judicial Branch Rep.
Advisory Members
Kandis Martine,
Legal Advisor
Arita Yazzie,
Legal Advisor
Robert willie,
Financial Advisor
Levon B. Henry,
Legislative Councel

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